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A Culture of Safety

At Leicester, we strongly believe in working safely.  Every day and every job begins and ends with Safety.  We value our people and strive to assure a safe work environment for all.

Through education, training and monitoring we work to continuously improve our safety culture and safety program.  Everyone is involved including top management – day in and day out.  Safety is an attitude and responsibility for everyone and a value we all share.

Key Safety Program Features and Tools:

  • Applicable Drug Testing and Screening of New Hires
  • Substance Abuse Program with Random Testing
  • Comprehensive,New Hire Orientation
  • Initial and Infinite Craft Training with Regular Evaluation
  • Daily JSA’s and Tool Box Talks
  • Quarterly Company Wide Safety Meetings
  • Discipline, Corrective Action and Retraining for Violations
  • Qualified Safety Professionals employed to Train, Monitor and Enforce
  • Continuing Education

Client Compliance:

In addition to our own safety program, Leicester contracting is committed to complying with the safety policies, procedures and standards held by our clients.  All of our employees are subject to stringent drug testing, background checks and required to complete extensive training before permitted to access job sites and client property.  We aim to provide our clients with qualified and trained professionals while working on their projects.

Results and Awards:

Leicester has enjoyed an outstanding safety record for many years due to a commitment to safety and the well being of employees.  Our EMR and Incident rates remain low and attractive to our current clients and prospective clients.  Recent awards received by the company are indicative of our safety culture and values.  Examples of recent awards:

  • 2016- Platinum STEP Award
  • 2017- Platinum STEP Award
  • 2017- Texas Mutual Platinum Safety Partner Award (received by only 200 policyholders out of 68,000 in Texas)

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